SCRR Student Research Day – July 31, 2013


The Annual Safar Center Student Research Day gives budding trainees the opportunity to showcase their current projects to their mentors and the Safar Center faculty. This year, twelve trainees studying in the departments of Critical Care Medicine, Neurosurgery, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Emergency Medicine, and the School of Pharmacy each presented an impressive 20 minute talk about their current project. Those who presented were a mixture of undergraduate researchers and medical students, each mentored by one or more Safar Center contributors. The names of the presenters, their mentors, and the titles of their presentations are listed below.

Ryan Jennings (Ericka Fink, MD) Shock index and outcome on pediatric transport.

Leah Manchester (Ericka Fink, MD) Correlation of regional cerebral flow and diffusion after pediatric brain injury.

Anna Greene (Anthony Kline, PhD) Delayed and abbreviated environmental enrichment confers similar to continuous exposure after traumatic brain injury.

Megan LaPorte (Anthony Kline, PhD) Environmental enrichment attenuates the deleterious effects of haloperidol after experimental brain injury.

Rachel Abraham (Anthony Kline, PhD) Combined treatment of donepezil and environmental enrichment after experimental TBI.        

Emad Madha (C. Edward Dixon, PhD) A comparison of the Contextual Fear test, the Y-maze test, and the Morris Water Maze test.

Vince Netto( Mioara Manole, MD, and Samuel Poloyac,PharmD, PhD) Effect of IV t-TUCB on post asphyxia cardiac arrest CBF.

Beth Kenny (Cameron Dezfulian, MD) Brian mitochondrial function and ROS generation after asphyxial cardiac arrest.

Hannah Airgood (Cameron Dezfulian, MD) Nitrite levels after porcine hemorrhagic shock.

Matt Diamond (Amy Wagner,MD) IL-1B influences on post-traumatic epilepsy development: Fenetic and protemic considerations.

Krishma Kumar (Amy Wagner,MD) Gauging the effect of visual priming with implicit training on cognitive performance in an experimental model of TBI.

Dennis Madden (Amy Wagner, MD) Kinetic analysis of striatal dopamine neurotransmission using multi-electrode arrays.