Safar Center Student Research Day 2015

This year, the Safar Center Student Research Day was held on July 31st. A total of eleven trainees working in the departments of Neurosurgery, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and the School of Pharmacy gave presentations on their summer research projects. The level of knowledge and accomplishment that was presented by the trainees was remarkable and greatly impressed all of the faculty members who were present to review the work.  The trainees were Ayesah Firdous, Christine Grassi, Michael Jacobson, Elizabeth Kenny, Miranda Munoz, Ihuoma Njoku, Darik O’Neil, Bunny Pugh, Hannah Radabaugh, Chenxiao Tang, and Leah Vaughn.  The students were mentored by Dr. Anthony Kline, Dr. C. Edward Dixon, Dr. Amy Wagner, Dr. Corina Bondi, and Dr. Sam Poloyac.

Left to right: Patrick Kochanek, Chenxiao Tang, Hannah Radabaugh, Elizabeth Kenny, Ihuoma Njoku, Darik O’Neil, Michael Jacobson, Ayesha Firdous, Bunny Pugh.

Not Pictured: Christine Grassi, Miranda Munoz, and Leah Vaughn.