Research into Memory Loss Featured in Neurosurgery News

Safar Center Neurosurgery Researchers Nicole Osier, RN, BSN, BS, Shaun Carlson, PhD, and Edward Dixon, PhD recently published an article in UPMC’s Neurosurgery News summer issue which reviewed how research into memory loss can improve understanding of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and other related diseases. This investigative team is studying the impact of TBI on the SNARE complex of proteins in synapses to try to understand synaptic dysfunction and its contribution to memory impairment at the molecular level.  The ultimate goal is to develop novel therapies that target the synapse and thus improve cognitive outcomes after TBI. Nicole Osier, a PhD candidate in the School of Nursing, and Shaun Carlson, one of the Safar Center’s T32 Fellows, are both working under the mentorship of Dr. Dixon, Associate Director of the Safar Center and Professor of Neurosurgery. Read the full version of the article here.