Post-doctoral Associate Corina O. Bondi, PhD, Receives Travel Fellowship from the International Neurotrauma Society and is Published in the Journal of Neurotrauma

Dr. Corina Bondi, who has worked with Dr. Anthony E. Kline (Associate Professor of Physical Medical & Rehabilitation, Psychology, Critical Care Medicine, Center for Neuroscience, and Safar Center Associate Director) since 2012, was recently awarded a travel fellowship to present her novel findings on attentional set shifting and environmental enrichment after experimental traumatic brain injury at the 11th Symposium of The International Neurotrauma Society in Budapest, Hungary. The title of Corina’s oral presentation is “Environmental enrichment restores attentional set-shifting and behavioral flexibility after controlled cortical impact injury in male rats.” Dr. Bondi’s first study, which introduced this behavioral task to Dr. Kline’s laboratory and the Neurotrauma field as a whole, was recently accepted for publication in the Journal of Neurotrauma. It is titled “Old dog, new tricks: the attentional set-shifting test as a novel cognitive behavioral task after controlled cortical impact injury.” Additionally, her comprehensive review paper entitled “Environmental enrichment as a viable neurorehabilitation strategy for experimental traumatic brain injury” is currently in review.