New R01 award for Drs. Kochanek and Jackson targets the novel 2, 3-cAMP pathway in Traumatic Brain Injury


Drs. Patrick Kochanek and Edwin Jackson received, as dual PIs, a new R01 award from NINDS to study the 2, 3-cAMP pathway in Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).  Building on work supported by an R21, and also on pioneering research by Dr. Jackson on this pathway in the kidney, Drs. Kochanek and Jackson have shown that the 2, 3-cAMP pathway serves as an important source of the endogenous neuroprotectant and anticonvulsant molecule adenosine after TBI.  Their studies to date have shown that this novel pathway is operating in neurons and glia in culture, in animal models of TBI, and in humans after severe TBI.  They have also recently published that this pathway appears to be important in experimental models of blast TBI, which are highly relevant to research addressing combat casualty care for the United States Army and terrorist attacks with improvised explosive devices. The grant represents a $1.68M award over 5 years and includes collaborative work by investigators in the Departments of Critical Care Medicine, Pharmacology and Chemical Biology, and Neurological Surgery.  For further information, please see the links below to several new publications by Drs. Kochanek and Jackson on this work.

Screening of biochemical and molecular mechanisms of secondary injury and repair in the brain after experimental blast-induced traumatic brain injury in rats.

Role of CNPase in the oligodendrocytic extracellular 2’,3’-cAMP-adenosine pathway.

The brain in vivo expresses the 2',3'-cAMP-adenosine pathway.