National Neurotrauma Society Meeting 2015


Left to right: Undergraduate Hannah Radabaugh, Visiting Scholar, Dr. Naima Lajud Avila, Dr. Corina O. Bondi (Assistant Professor, PMR), and Patricia B. de la Tremblaye (WiNTR VISA Scholar) who will begin working with Dr. Kline in the fall.

Several Safar Center Faculty and Trainees participated in the 33rd Annual Symposium of the National Neurotrauma Society which was held in Sante Fe, New Mexico from June 28th—July 1st.  The program included a number of plenary and panel lectures given by Safar Center faculty.

Dr. Travis Jackson (CCM) presented a lecture in the opening session of the congress titled “RNA Splicing in CNS Damage: Diagnosing the Injured Spliceosome.” The session was focused on promising new investigations in the field of TBI. Drs. Anthony Kline and Corina Bondi (PM&R) chaired a plenary session on TBI titled “Executive function after experimental and clinical TBI.” Dr. Bondi also presented her research in the session “A combined therapy of environmental enrichment and citalopram ameliorates attentional set-shifting performance after brain trauma.” Dr. Amy Wagner (PM&R) presented a lecture titled “Clinical Research insights into Personal Biology and Biosuspectibility with Epileptogenesis and Post-Traumatic Epilepsy.” Safar Center collaborator Dr. Edwin Jackson (Pharmacology and Chemical Biology) presented a lecture titled “Role of the 2’, 3’-cAMP-Adenosine Pathway in TBI” which addressed his seminal work on this pathway. Finally, Safar Center Director Dr. Patrick Kochanek presented a lecture titled “Multi-Center Pre-Clinical Therapy Screening in TBI: Results of the OBTT Consortium” updating the neurotrauma community on the groundbreaking OBTT Consortium’s recent work.

Dr. Naima Lajud Avila, working in the lab of Dr. Anthony Kline, was the winner of the prestigious Alan Faden award for her research presentation titled “Delayed and abbreviated environmental enrichment after experimental traumatic brain injury increases hippocampal neurogenesis.” Naima is a visiting scholar from the División de Neurociencias, Centro de Investigación Biomédica de Michoacán - Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social Morelia, MX. She also received a travel award to attend the meeting. Congratulations to Dr. Avila on this outstanding accomplishment.

Safar Center trainees and faculty also presented posters at the meeting, and received awards. Undergraduate student Hannah Radabaugh, working with Dr. Anthony Kline, was selected to present her research in the open communications session on TBI. Hannah shared the stage with postdocs and faculty and was the only undergraduate to give a platform presentation at the meeting. Her presentation was titled “Abbreviated environmental enrichment confers robust neurobehavioral and cognitive benefits in brain injured female rats.” Anne Ritter, working in the lab of Dr. Amy Wagner, presented two posters “Neuronal Glutamate Transporter Genetic Variation: Impact on Epileptogenisis and Epilepsy Risk Following Severe TBI” and “ Comparison of Factors Predicting Post-Traumatic Seizure at 1, 2, & 5 Years Post-Injury: A TBIMS Analysis.

Safar Center Associate Director Dr. Anthony Kline was re-elected to the position of secretary/treasurer for 2016-2017 terms. Congratulations to Dr. Kline!