Dr. Travis Jackson Receives New NIH Grant to Study RNA Splicing after Traumatic Brain Injury


Travis Jackson, PhD, was awarded an Exploratory NIH R21 research grant from the NINDS titled “The mRNA splicing factor RBM5: A new therapeutic target for TBI” to study novel mechanisms of protein splicing in injured brain. The 2 year project will test if inhibition of RNA binding motif 5 (RBM5) is a new neuroprotective strategy for treatment of traumatic brain injury (TBI). RBM5 is a pro-death splicing factor found in nuclei, and associated with spliceosomes which modulate exon/intron splicing of all messenger RNAs (mRNAs) in cells. In this newly funded project, Dr. Jackson and colleagues at the Safar Center will test if this pathway is promoted by CNS injury and evaluate novel inhibitors. This study represents Dr. Jackson first NIH award and promises to yield important new understanding into novel molecular pathological mechanisms activated after TBI toward the goal of developing powerful new therapies.