Dr. Mioara Manole Receives Inaugural R01 Grant from the National Institute of Health

Mioara Manole MD, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the Safar Center, has been awarded her first R01 from the National Institute of Health (NICHD) for her study, titled: “CYP 450-mediated CBF Dysregulation and Neurotoxicity in Pediatric Cardiac Arrest.” Dr. Manole’s R01 will fund her research of the mechanisms through which eicosanoid metabolites of cytochrome P450 produce cerebral blood flow dysregulation and neurotoxicity after pediatric cardiac arrest, and will also go towards the development of innovative therapies that target these pathways. Dr. Manole is a former Safar Center T32 fellow, and was mentored by Dr. Robert Clark. She is currently completing the Career Development Award (K08) “Oxidative Stress in Regional Cerebral Blood Flow after Cardiac Arrest.” Please join with the Safar Center in congratulating Dr. Manole!