Dr. Jonathan Verrier Published in the Journal Glia

Dr. Jonathan D. Verrier, a Post-Doctoral Scholar in the Department of Pharmacology and Chemical Biology, working in collaboration with Safar Center has recently published a paper titled “Role of CNPase in the oligodendrocytic extracellular 2',3'-cAMP-adenosine pathway” in the journal Glia. In this study, the authors demonstrate that oligodendrocytes (the myelin forming cells of the central nervous system) possess the most robust capacity to metabolize extracellular 2’,3’-cAMP when compared to the other major cell types of the CNS.  Additionally by the utilization of the CNPase knockout mouse colony, they were also able to demonstrate that specifically oligodendocyte expressed CNPase is the enzyme predominantly responsible for this metabolism reaction.   These data support the ongoing collaborative project aimed at identifying and characterizing the extracellular 2’,3’-cAMP-adenosine pathway in the CNS as well as evaluating this pathway for therapeutic potential post-TBI.  Dr. Verrier is supported by a F-32 training fellowship from the National Institutes of Health.  His work is mentored by Dr. Edwin K. Jackson, Professor in the Department of Pharmacology and Chemical Biology.