Dr. Hülya Bayır Awarded R01 to Research Role of Oxidative Lipidomics in Pediatric Brain Injury

Dr. Hülya Bayır was recently awarded a new R01 grant from the National Institutes of Health. Her project will identify the role of oxidized phospholipids in neuronal death after pediatric traumatic brain injury ––a leading cause of death in children— using a state of the art oxidative lipidomics approach. Her team will test novel therapeutic compounds in experiments to prevent neuronal death, and to improve outcome after pediatric TBI. The ability to selectively modulate this pathway could lead to targeted therapies for TBI and ultimately improve outcome for children. Dr. Bayir is an Associate Director of the Safar Center for Resuscitation Research, and an Associate Director of the Center for Free Radical and Antioxidant Health at the University of Pittsburgh Medical School.