Dr. Empey published in Critical Care Medicine

Congratulations to Dr. Philip Empey, an assistant professor and KL2 Scholar in Pharmacy and Therapeutics at the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Pharmacy, for publication of a paper entitled “Therapeutic Hypothermia Decreases Phenytoin Elimination in Children with Traumatic Brain Injury” in Critical Care Medicine. In this study, Dr. Empey showed that therapeutic hypothermia decreases the metabolism of a commonly-prescribed antiseizure medication in children, leading to increased drug levels for an extended period of time after cooling.  The research raises important clinical considerations regarding the interplay between hypothermia and concurrent medication therapy. It was completed under the mentorship of Dr. Samuel Poloyac, in the School of Pharmacy and Dr. Patrick Kochanek, Director of the Safar Center, and in collaboration with Dr. Michael Bell, site PI for the study at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, among other investigators.