Catherine Byrd Receives CEED Award

University of Pittsburgh Medical Student Catherine Byrd just received a Career Education and Enhancement for Health Care Diversity (CEED) Program award to present her research at the 2016 Congress of the Society of Critical Care Medicine in Orlando, Florida.  Catherine has been working in the laboratory of Dr. Kochanek on a novel therapy—polynitroxylated pegylated hemoglobin (PNPH) for traumatic brain injury resuscitation in a mouse model.  She has a successful track record of investigation as an undergraduate on novel hemoglobins, having previously published work in the journal Biochemistry on a recombinant hemoglobin in studies carried out in the laboratory of Dr. Chien Ho at Carnegie Mellon University.  The goal of CEED is to provide a solid foundation for a successful research career for University of Pittsburgh medical students interested in pursuing careers in translational research. Congratulations to Catherine!